$5 off E.l.f Cosmetics


Most of My Elf Products

Hey Ladies ! If you haven’t tried E.l.f. Cosmetics , or purchased from their website before… you are truly missing out!!! Right now they are having an amazing sale, free shipping on all orders and if you spend $25 or more you get a free gift using the code GLOW. But on top of that if you use the link below you actually will get $5 off your first purchase!!!! Which is I mean AMAZING!! If you want to know what my favorite (Liz) products from E.l.f are or just more information on these cruelty free cosmetics, check out our recent blog post Beautiful on a Budget

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Family Trip to Oregon

Hi guys, I wanted to share my trip to Portland, Oregon / Longview, Washington !(My husbands mom , and her side of the family live out there). I honestly had An AMAZING time, from the moment we landed in Portland ( we flew from AZ the flight✈️ was not long, but turbulence was a biotch) to walking outside and smelling all that fresh autumn air. ( Remember I am a AZ native, we don’t get the luxury of fall weather and leaves falling lol ) 

It did rain , 3 out of 4 days we were out there ( hahha and it was freezing) but I was completely fascinated by all the trees and gorgeous views!🌲🌳


The fact that the beach has its own swing set facing the ocean was amazing, as you can tell Nathan had a blast with that!

(Quick FYI: They pump your gas for you 👀 it’s amazing!)


On our way to see sea lions


We stayed mainly in Longview, Washington a small town outside of Portland … (we spent most of the trip with our family)  but literally every picture that I took, came out AMAZING lol ( that lighting was everything). I can’t wait to go back. Hopefully this time we can stay a little longer , so I can do some more exploring … maybe drive up to Seattle, or just chill in Portland !!!! I don’t know if I could live in Oregon or Washington , because of all the rain and gloomy days , but I for sure want to go back !


Family Beach Picture in Seaside

Make sure you pack a jacket ehhhh, if it doesn’t get cold it rains ☔️, A LOT!


My Little Man



Girls Trip New Orleans


Hey Guys, It’s been a freakn while since I have posted something on here ( Liz 🙋🏻‍♀️) and well what better way to come back than to tell you guys about our AMAZING girls trip to NOLA⚜️!!!!

“Our business trip stopped being a business trip when we saw the 3 for 1 beer sign!”

(We came up with our own quote because that actually happened!! lol)  I live about 4 hours away from the crazy city of New Orleans, and with my best friend (Meg)  in town to celebrate my birthday, we absolutely couldn’t pass up on the idea of exploring French Quarter! We Bar hopped all down Bourbon Street, and stayed at the Sheraton on Canal Street. (We were lucky to find a room that same day, especially with the Southern Decadence Festival going on!) 

It was such a fun time , especially with all the amazing people, food, and culture that NOLA has to offer. I can’t wait to go back and maybe this time stay for more than a night!

FYI – make sure you take a nap during the day … because everything stays open until 5 A.M. but with happy hour starting at noon who really makes it that far?! hahah and another side note you better be ready to have a good time!!!

SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS! (Pitbull’s voice)

I legit could write 5 pages about this and all the scenarios we came across but we will save that for another day! hahhahah


Yes, I Throw My Dog Birthday Parties

Come on guys, who doesn’t throw their dog a birthday party? 😉

Attachment-1 (5)

This is koda bear, a wild & energetic german shepherd.  she turned 1 not too long ago. Yes, I am that crazy dog owner who bakes their dog a cake and invites people over to celebrate. I must say, it turned out super cute! ( it took me for ever to get this glorious shot of her ) I am completely aware that she looks pissed off in this picture but i guarantee she had a great time. Continue reading

Coffee In Crestview




So where is Crestview? …Florida.. Yeah, I didn’t know either until my bestie ( Liz ) moved there.

So Liz and I are all about finding cute little coffee shops and cafes to chill, eat and of course, take pictures at LOL. So I was super excited when she told me she had found this little coffee shop near her house for us to try when I came to visit. ( I visited at the end of August .. yeah I’m really late writing this post ) my baaad  Continue reading

Take A Hike


Skyline Regional Park, AZ

Hey guys! Long time & no posts 😦 Just wanted to write a short, sweet & simple post about a good spot to explore if you’re ever visiting the west side of Arizona. Continue reading

Road Trip AZ to FL

Road Trip

Hey Guys … So about a month ago my family and I (Dogs and all) decided to take a road trip from West Arizona to the Panhandle of Florida.(A 24 Hour trip,
Continue reading

Up,Up North

Road Trip

Flagstaff ,AZ

If you personally know us, you know that we “freakn” live for spontaneous road trips and delicious food!! We make a road trip out of almost any situation…. So with this AZ heat approaching we decided to take a little trip up north. We decided on Flagstaff, AZ take a little break from the desert scenery . (we needed to see some green trees for a change lol)
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